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Through the use of VICTOR'S own general aviation aircraft, VICTOR
can be at most of their customers' offices and plants in less than three hours. 
VICTOR has videos of all equipment and can show you how a unit of equipment
functions in your exact parenteral application as often as you would like. 


VICTOR Presentations 

  • You owe it to your business to know who VICTOR is.
  • Complete technical presentations are available to 
    illustrate all machines from each line of machinery 
  • Use the guidance of VICTOR's experts in parenteral
    processing to make the most effective process 
  • Integration assistance of several process machines
    into a seamless process.
  • Discuss trends in regulations and process applications.
  • Presentations on CD-ROM can be given in person or 
    sent in advance to get a better understanding of who 
    VICTOR is, and the machinery they provide. 

VICTOR Capabilities

  • Fast, precise selection of equipment for your application.
  • Assistance in specification creation.
  • Ampules, Vials , and Syringes-"Parenterals" is all VICTOR does.


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