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HUBER Systems for stopper processing of all types of parenteral closures. 
The Direct Impact Cleaning process step insures particle 
removal and pyrogen free stoppers. Special moisture cycles are provided
for Lyophilized stoppers.

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Huber System are totally self cleaning, allowing both siliconized and 
non siliconized stoppers to be processed in the same machine. Effective 
stopper handling systems can be used with the latest barrier isolators for 
transfer to the filling lines. Huber continually evolves to meet and exceed 
the standards of the ever increasing quality demands of the 
pharmaceutical parenteral processing industry. There are more Huber 
Systems processing parenteral closures every day, than all other types
of processors combined. 


Key Benefits of Using the HUBER System Patented Design

  • Direct impingement sprays cover every square millimeter of the 
    interior surface.
  • Machine continually self cleans
  • Lowest residual moisture for lyophilized "lyo" stoppers.

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