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Biological Defense          

Defense Strategy





















The key to an effective bioweapon defense is SPEEDY CONTAINMENT 
of the infected area. Once contained, the victims must have a prompt
injection of the most effective vaccine, antidote, sera, antibiotic or immune
boosting drug. Health care workers should be first. Panic will then be minimized
Contagion is also minimized.

These medications can be made in advance and stored in large quantities, and
, much like instant coffee. The medication can be 
reconstituted with sterile water, and the potency of the medication is not 
compromised. Shelf life on this basis can be five to ten years, not six months
like most liquid medication.

The freeze dried medication, made in advance, will be stored a nine storage 
across the country, near airports. When needed, the appropriate 
medication is flown into airports nearest the infected area. There are 14, 000 
airports in the United States capable of handling small aircraft with containers 
of medication.

To administer the dosages with in 24 hours, an AUTOMATIC HIGH 
is essential. The system is 
capable of producing 200 syringes per minute of the reconstituted freeze 
dried product in an aseptic state .

One machine can provide 288,000 syringes per 24 hour period. Ten machines
will provide 2.8 million syringes of medication. One hundred machines will 
provide 28 million doses in 24 hours. Cost would be less than five dollars 
a dose, per citizen.

This defense system will act as a deterrent to terrorists, as the effects of
the bioweapon will usually be contained to a small geographical area, with 
minimal outcome. This defense system can also be effective against naturally
occurring biological entities, such as influenza, Ebola and other entities 
created by nature.

The syringe filling machine is already designed, built and in use in the 
pharmaceutical industry today.
The first portable machines specifically 
designed for dealing with a bioterrorism attack can be available six months.

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