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Since the WTC disaster of September 11, 2001, it is no longer of any value
to debate the likelihood of bioterrorism in the United States. Now we can 
discuss the IMPLEMENTATION of a DEFENSE that is available now, is 
cost effective and will deter the terrorists from attempting such an attack.

In order to implement this defense strategy, the following 
steps are suggested:

        1. For the bioweapons we know (anthrax, smallpox, plague, Ebola, 
            botulism, etc.).

  • Prepare adequate quantities (say 20 million doses) of vaccines, 
    sera, immune boosting drugs or antidotes in very heavy 
    concentrates, and freeze dry them. When needed, they can 
    be diluted to proper dosage level by simply mixing with 
    Water for Injection (WFI) and the doses are then ready 
    to administer.

  • These concentrated vaccines should be manufactured by the 
    present pharmaceutical manufacturers of vaccine, and stored 
    in at least nine guarded locations around the country, near or 
    at airports for fast transportation where needed.

        2. For the bioweapons we donít know (genetically created or 
            genetically modified bioweapons).

  • A special agency as part of the Center for Disease Control is 
    needed. This "Hot Bio Response" group could be funded by 
    reducing the budgets of other agencies that have been
    unresponsive to the bioweapon problem.

  • The Hot Bio Response (HBR) group should have three well 
    equipped and well staffed sites distributed throughout
    the country, at three of the nine existing vaccine storage 
    locations. The mission of the HBR group is to "jump" on any
    bio attack, from an enemy or occurring naturally (Ebola-Zaire,
    Black Plague, etc.), and develop and evolve an appropriate 
    response as quickly as possible.

  • The HBR group should have instant access to "borrow" the best 
    vaccine and bio-technologists from the pharmaceutical industry 
    on demand. These vaccine specialists will also be needed in 
    scaling up the technology for volume manufacturing.

  • The HBR should have a high volume manufacturing capability 
    of vaccines, or should purchase and own a section of existing 
    vaccine manufacturing pharmaceutical companies.

        3. For administering the vaccines, sera, immune boosters or 
            antidotes to the population.

  • Perhaps one hundred self contained syringe filling systems
    should be purchased and stored in armories around the country. 
    This would provide a capability of 28.8 million syringes 
    in 24 hours

  • Every six months, a trial run should be done at a near by 
    airport to keep the health care providers in a "ready" mode
    to fill syringes once the vaccine or antidote has been 
    delivered to their airport.

4. For the possibility of a bioweapon attack of livestock, crops
    or ecosystems

  • One hundred single engine crop spray planes should be 
    purchased and distributed around our nation near farming 
    and livestock areas. These planes can be funded 
    by co-ownership with "flying farmers" who could use the
    planes at low costs with the understanding that they must 
    pay for maintenance and hanger space, and be ready to give 
    up the plane for spraying against and containment of bioweapons, 
    for the national interest. Their ability to immediately fly planes
    they are familiar with, will be a powerful defense against this 
    type of agricultural attack. Of course this would work as well 
    for a naturally occurring pestilence or destructive insects.

No longer will the United States have to be fearful of a bioweapon attack
from an enemy, or an attack from an natural event such as Ebola, Plague or 
Bird Flu. Even events that would effect agriculture or livestock are 
deterred. By taking these steps now, the United States will have the 
best defense against ANY form of biological attack, whether from 
our enemies or from nature.

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