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 Victor International was incorporated in 1983, twenty-five years ago, with the goal of automating the sales process for large-scale capital equipment.

In that time, many things have changed which have made selling to the North American Market an expensive and frustrating experience.

 Victor International has continuously worked to evolve personnel, technology, strategies, automation and “smarts” to make this kind of work once again productive and enjoyable.  We can provide these same benefits to your company.  

Victor International ---  

·         Is 30 Kilometers from Newark Liberty Airport (EWR) for fast commercial transportation to anywhere.

·         Can be responsible for all marketing and selling of your equipment to North America.

·         Has more than 120 years of combined direct selling experience of capital equipment to the health care industry.

                                                  DIFFICULT JOB!

It was never an easy job to sell equipment in North America. It is a big country, and always took much time to go from plant to plant.  

Since “9/11” of 2001, this type of sales position has descended due to a complex series of events which make it almost impossible and very expensive to be a professional sales person.  The reasons can be briefly described as follows:  

·         Commercial Airlines have deteriorated  - to being totally unreliable, and abusive to its customers.  Flying is extremely time consuming, very expensive and very humiliating.  Everyone is a terrorist, until proven otherwise.  The airlines continue to deteriorate and lose money and our luggage every day.  

·         Driving any distance has deteriorated – and driving any distance is very expensive and very time consuming, whether a company car or a rental car. No road improvements in 30 years, but 100 million more people driving around.  

·         Hotels, Motels, Car Rental Agencies, Parking lots and Tolls see salespeople as a captive revenue stream for extra charges, extra taxes and policies that are design to get extra “fees.”  

·         400 Page Request For Quotations produced by outside engineering (A&E) firms –

  1.             100 pages are “boilerplate” pages that the A&E firm include so that they can charge  end user more money.

  2.       200 pages are “legalese” that are designed to legally cripple the vendor, so that any possible problem is always at the vendor’s expense

  3.       50 pages of Terms and Conditions to be attached to the Purchase Order.  This is  typically written in grey ink, in a #2 font, on light grey paper, so it is really impossible to read.

  4.         50 pages of what the customer actually wants!  

      Victor International is good at dealing with these RFQs mostly by exception, or “clarification”, providing a very high cost so that the customer can have exactly what he wants if he is willing to pay for it. 

We can conclude that it takes a large investment in time and money to finally have a sales person in front of your customer providing a high quality presentation and answering technical questions. These visits may be after the RFQ, so the sales person must have a good knowledge of all of the “paperwork.”  

Of course, once you have made this investment in the sales person to be at the customer’s conference room, what is the quality of the sales person?

                          Professional Sales Personnel (PSP)

 Frankly, many sales people in North America spend their time sitting in the office trying to connect with customers by phone or email.  They don’t want to be abused by traveling, but want to be paid anyway.  

You can be sure that no customer ever purchases equipment that costs $ 150,000 or more by phone.  They must have a visit by a technical trained sales person.  

We have found that we need experienced, college educated, professionally trained sales personnel who actually enjoy the selling process, and tolerate abuse reasonably well.  There is no way around the personnel quality issue when it comes to the sales people selling technical and expensive equipment.  

These people are excellent, but require a corresponding excellent salary, health benefits, pension, company car, insurance, office space, cell phone, laptop and a generous bonus for sales performance.  

Victor International has these people already employed.  Your company can benefit from these professional sales persons (PSP) by sharing the costs with other Victor International clients.  

                      Getting to your Customer  

Victor International has developed the pilot training, expertise and technology to allow our General Aviation Aircraft (outside of our door) to fly to any of more than 19,000 GA Airports.  Our office is at the airport! We are now guided by GPS moving map systems that guide us to even the most remote areas, in instrument conditions in safety and comfort.  This means:  

·         We can be to 75% of our customer base in not more than three hours of flying time. 

·         We operate on our own schedule, not the deteriorating airlines schedule.  We can go from sales call to sales call as needed.

·         We never lose our luggage, the presentation or projector.

·         Usually we can get an inexpensive cab ride to the customer.

·         Usually we can get a Bed and Breakfast for low cost with a great room and a big breakfast.

·         We can take as much time with the customer as is needed.  There is no rush to catch a flight. Many times they will go to dinner with us.

·         We can assure the customer that we can again fly into his local airport as needed to provide support or communicate with top management.  

There are several ways in which Victor International can be effective in improving your sales and reducing your costs. 

Much of it depends on what has been done so far (if anything) and what is already done that will allow us to move ahead more quickly.   

There are basically three stages, each with great flexibility:



Investigate and Analyze the US Market for your Products or   Manager your Project

Victor International will function as your marketing, sales force or project management agent, but on a cost basis.  A Professional Sales Person (PSP) will be employed.  No sales commission will be paid to Victor. A detailed analysis of the market and Project Management activities will be provided.

 This service is done on an “assignment basis” where the project to be completed is defined, and a cost estimate provided.  However, cost will be invoiced as direct costs, plus costs per day for each employee required.  There are PSP direct sales people, and PSP-PM who can also function as Project Managers.   See separate descriptions and separate pricing.




Expanding into the US Market – 20% of Net Order Value,

Plus an Advance Expenses amount of € 90,000.  

With this service, Victor International provides the same service as below, and will receive 20% of Net Order value also.  The Advance will be deducted on each sale so that only 10% of commission is paid, and the other 10% is deducted from the advance amount.  The Advance is non refundable.Once the Advance is consumed, 20% of Net Order Value will prevail.



                   Typical Distributor Service

                                  – 20 % of Net Order Value

With this service, Victor International functions as your US Sales and Service organization.  Typically this is done on a distributor contract basis, and is only available to established lines of equipment, with an installed user base and an existing annual sales volume of two million Euros or more for each of the last three years.

Consider Victor International Sales Professionals as the cost effective alternative

 Your company can begin to benefit from sales activity in the North American market right now!  

·        We can begin immediately to start to get business

·        We know the people and this market very well

·        Full Sales Automation in force

·        We can reach 75% of customers in three hours

·        Vast knowledge of—

o       400 page RFQs

o       RFQ “legalese”

o       Project Management Skills to assure complete customer satisfaction

·        All services agreed upon in simply written contracts and / or Task Assignments signed by the client  

Use our skills, our knowledge and our investment to dramatically  ---











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